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Endlessly enthralled by the Atlantic ocean, Lenny Cornforth creates evocative site specific oil paintings inspired by the wild and rugged coastlines around Devon and Cornwall. Using her own drone photographs to capture a unique and authentic perspective, Lenny's work carefully translates rocks, sea and shoreline into beautiful vibrant oil paintings. A keen sailor and surfer, there is an integral connection to the landscape within the paintings, drawn from days walking the coastal paths and summers lying in the sand. There are paintings of the Camel Estuary where the artist learnt to sail and many more of the coastline around Dartmouth where the artist now lives and works with her husband, two sons and dog. 

Lenny graduated from
 Newcastle University with a degree in Fine Art, and has exhibited widely in the UK including Oxford Castle, Edinburgh Art Fair, Waterperry Gardens and the Scin Gallery in London. Currently her work can be found with a wide selection of galleries including Buckingham Fine Art across the UK, The Dart Gallery in Dartmouth, The Signet Contemporary in London, Wychwood Art, Whistlefish and others.


“A visual explosion of colour, shape and texture, each piece an experiment into her love of colour theory”

The Newbury Weekly News

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